Is it Possible to be Too Ignorant to Evade Taxes?

It’s said that ignorance is bliss, but business owners are wise to learn enough about tax law to understand how it applies to their businesses. Lack of knowledge generally doesn’t exempt you from paying taxes, a lesson many small business owners have learned the hard way. However, as the case of Richard Mathews demonstrates, it is possible to be too ignorant to intentionally evade taxes, especially when the IRS also…  Read more

Would We have Accounting Without Arabic Numerals?

Early counting systems relied on tallies or counting with fingers and toes. But when you have more things to count than you have body parts, it’s hard to keep track. The Greeks used 27 letters to devise a counting system that got them to 99,999,999. These 27 letters were split into three groups of nine, with each group of nine assigned to a place value. The first nine letters were…  Read more

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