Our Mission

We help business owners gain knowledge and insight to achieve business success. We believe your business is a vehicle to your success, allowing you to achieve the lifestyle and dreams you want. We’ll help you set goals upfront, implement plans to reach them, and track your performance as you go.

What makes McSwain Hiott CPAs different?

Our team isn’t boring, number-crunching accountants who you only hear from once a year. We’re real people with a passion for helping others see their dreams become a reality. Our team is comprised of nationally recognized accountants and tax experts as well as certified cloud accounting partners. Here are a few reasons our clients choose us:

We work closely with a limited number of clients.

We mean it when we say we do things differently at McSwain Hiott CPAs. We don’t just work with anyone and everyone who comes through our door.  Our focus is on the medical, health, and wellness industry which gives us an intricate understanding of our clients, their businesses, the way they work, and what needs to change in order to move their business forward. Want to find out more? Talk to Mac or Steve today.

Our Simple Success Plan is proven to help businesses succeed.

Small business owners need a business advisor who has the perfect balance of experience and innovation. Mac and Steve are entrepreneurial-minded business owners with decades of practical experience on their side. Our team takes the time to get to know you personally, then we study your business at length so we can provide business advice that’s specific, tailored, and relevant to you. Our clients appreciate the clarity, growth, and direction we bring.

We don’t charge by the hour, never have, and never will.

Far too many accountants still run their firms the old way and still charge by the hour. This incentivizes the accountant to take longer to complete your work and detracts from their focus on actually providing you value.

At McSwain Hiott CPAs, we use a Fixed Fee Billing system. This means our pricing is simple, transparent, and agreed upon upfront. You never have to worry about any nasty surprises when you receive your bill, and it even makes forecasting your cash flow much easier. Our goal is always to provide value and to exceed our clients’ expectations. If you want to work with an advisor who puts your needs first, talk to us.

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